Holidays Chocolate Bonbons

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Small batch. Handcrafted by Chef Cathy Asapahu. The flavors in this chocolate box were designed as a tribute to the somewhat untraditional holidays our family spends together as Thai-Americans: bold flavors, unexpected combinations, and a little bit of booze. 

12 pieces of assorted bonbons includes: 

  • THAI TEA - white chocolate infused with ceylon tea
  • MILK COFFEE - espresso milk chocolate and condensed milk
  • COCONUT REGENCY - coconut cream with shredded chocolate and imported Thai brandy 
  • CRANBERRY FIVE-SPICE - cranberry steeped with imperial five-spice
  • MAKRUT - makrut lime leaves fresh from our family's garden 
  • CHAI - black tea infused with cardamom, ginger, anise, and cinnamon 
  • MINT - white chocolate with refreshing Thai spearmint 
  • LEMONGRASS CHILI - lemongrass hearts and a kick of chili de arbol 
  • PANDAN - fragrant pandan leaves a.k.a. "Thai vanilla" 
  • PB CURRY - crunchy peanut butter and Indian curry 
  • BASIL - white chocolate infused with earthly Thai basil 
  • TAMARIND - tart ganache with tamarind puree 

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