Thai Thursdays: June Pre-Order F&F Special Rate

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Our June menu is dedicated to our Uncle Lek. All of the dishes will be cooked exactly how we remember it, how we enjoy it at home, and how Thais eat it. We understand that it may be too bold and spicy for some, and may not be friendly for everyone. We want you to join us on this journey but full disclaimer: it may not be an adventure for everyone. For those who will not be coming on this adventure with us, we ask that you continue to support us by ordering from our regular menu. See you in July!? For those who will be coming on this journey, get ready for an explosion of flavors! #ThaiThursdays 

We our offering you our family & friends special rate at $120 for all four weeks. That's $30 per week. Public rate will be posted at $39 per week. Please share this rate with your family and friends (send them this link). This rate will expire midnight Friday May 29th

Also, we are working with our friend and mixologist Chef Matthew Biancaniello (@eatyourdrink) to pair each meal with a cocktail. Each cocktail is $40 (16oz, 4 servings). We encourage you to opt-in to these cocktail pairings. We promise you it will be great! 

Thursday June 4th 

Yum Moo Yang: Grilled Kurobuta Pork Salad 

Steam Fish Curry Custard Hor Mok 

Stir-fried Taiwanese Cabbage, Garlic, Fish Sauce  

Jasmine Rice 


Thursday June 11th 

Green Curry with Salted Egg Fish Cakes 

Northern Thai Nam Ngiao with Ground Pork and Spareribs

Papaya Salad style fruit salad 

Nom Jeen: Vermicelli Noodle 

Thursday June 18th 

Yum Pla: Cod, Chinese Celery, Lime Juice, Bean Paste 

Baby Back Ribs Panang Curry 

Spicy Basil Mix Mushrooms  

Rice Berry Rice 

Thursday June 25th 

Pomelo and Herb Salad 

Klua Kling Southern Spiced Ground Pork w/Fresh Veggies (spicy)

Spicy Halibut Turmeric Curry with Halibut  (very spicy)

Butterfly Pea Blue Rice